Links to seventeen annotated games from the tournament are collected below. You can view each game in a number of formats, including as an HTML webpage; as a PGN file to download and view with your favorite software (free PGN viewers include Arena, Chessbase Light, Chesspad, and Winboard); as a text file PGN (in case you have trouble accessing regular PGN files due to security restrictions on your system, you can convert this text file to PGN by simply saving with a ".pgn" extension); as a JAVA board to play through the game and notes online (thanks to Palview); as a Microsoft Word document so you can add your own notes and print easily; or as an Adobe PDF file for easiest printing (for which you need the free Adobe Reader).

Goeller-Massey (12)
Sicilian Defense [B23]
Kernighan-Stoyko (12)
QGD, Lasker Variation [D53]
Massey-Kernighan (11)
Sicilian Defense [B23]
Stoyko-Goeller (11)
Barry Attack [D00]
Stoyko-Massey (10)
King's Indian Defense [E94]
Goeller-McAuliffe (10)
French Defense [C10]
Kernighan-Goeller (9)
King's Indian Defense [E61]
Mike Wojcio-Kernighan (7)
Sicilian Defense
Goeller-Mike Wojcio (6)
Sicilian Defense [B23]
Demetrick-Goeller (5)
Nimzovich Defense
Cavaliere-Massey (5)
Sicilian Defense [B23]
McAuliffe-Kernighan (5)
Sicilian Defense
Stoyko-Cavaliere (4)
Petroff Defense
Goeller-Mazzillo (3)
Bishop's Opening [C24]
Joe Wojcio-M. Goeller (2)
Nimzovich Defense
Ted Mann-Mark Kernighan (2)
Sicilian Defense [B22]
Mike Wojcio-Steve Stoyko (2)
Pirc Defense [B07]




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