Photos from the 2005 Championship

Here are a few photos of the most critical game from the event, pitting the top two contenders, Stoyko and Massey, against each other. The game was a complex King's Indian Defense (see Stoyko-Massey).

Stoyko considers his first move while Massey adjusts the clock before the critical game of the tournament on March 24.

During the final tense seconds, when the rest of the club had gathered around, Stoyko contemplates his move.

After the game, Scott demonstrates how he would have gotten a powerful attack if Steve had taken the Bishop sac.
Scott considers his move against Mark Kernighan in the penultimate round on March 31.
Steve Stoyko and Mike Goeller record 12....hxg6 and Steve begins calculating 13.dxe5!? which leads to an unclear double-Rook sac if Black grabs the b-pawn with 13....Qxb2!
Mark and Scott analyze their completed game into the wee hours.
Round 12 play on April 7. The under-1800 winner is yet to be determined, but Geoff McAuliffe (center) and Joe Demetrick (upper-right background) are in the lead.
Watching the play from behind the barricade.
The final game of Round 12 draws a crowd, especially since the end seems at hand. But who is winning? Will Mark queen his pawn or will Steve deliver mate?
The three club masters puzzle over a possible position arising from the drawn game between Goeller and Massey on April 14. That draw gave Steve Stoyko (right) clear first in the championship with 10 points, a half point ahead of perennial champ Scott Massey (left) with 9½. Congratulations Steve!
VP Greg Tomkovich and TD Scott Massey preside over the awards ceremony on May 5, 2005.
Second place under-1800 went to Geoff McAuliffe (left). First place under-1800 to Joe Demetrick (right).
Third-prize winner Mark Kernighan (left center) accepts his trophy from Greg. And Pat Mazzillo (right) holds his prize as best player under-1600.
Scott receives his second-place trophy from Greg.
Steve accepts his trophy as the 2005 Kenilworth Chess Club Champion from club VP Greg Tomkovich. Below, Steve tells the story of how the chance cancellation of his Thursday-night Kenilworth poker game brought him to our club again after several years absence, and how he has enjoyed being part of the club this year - especially playing in the club championship (which helped prep him for the US Teams), playing for us in the U.S. Amateur Team tournament (where we won best NJ Team), and analyzing games with us.
The 2005 Kenilworth Chess Club Champion, Steve Stoyko.
All of the winners. From left, third-place Mark Kernighan; second-place Scott Massey; second under-1800 Geoff McAuliffe; first place Steve Stoyko; first under-1800 Joe Demetrick; and first under-1600 Pat Mazzillo.





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