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The Kenilworth Chess Club meets every Thursday night starting by 8:00 p.m. in the Recreation Building at 575 Kenilworth Boulevard. We welcome all chessplayers to attend even if they are not going to participate in the evening's main event. We usually have a skittles and discussion room available when more serious chess is being played in the main hall. Highlights of the year include the Club Championship tournament running through March and the Holiday Party in late December. See the 2005 Calendar, 2006 Calendar and 2007 Calendar for details about past years. Other events may be added to open dates, including team matches or rated events (TBA or "to be announced").

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January 3 - Open Week. Collect 2007 Dues and Entry Fee for Club Championship. See Geoff McAuliffe, treasurer.

January 10 -Open Week. Collect 2007 Dues and Entry Fee for Club Championship. See Geoff McAuliffe, treasurer.

January 17 - Last day to register for the Club Championship. Club Championship, Week 1. The 2005 Club Championship website and 2006 Championship website will give you an idea of how this will look, but this year's tournament will be rated and limited to a set number of rounds.

18th Kenilworth Chess Club Championship, Round 1. Rules are as follows:

  • January 17th, 2008 thru March 20th, 2008 (projected end date)
  • USCF-rated!!
  • Open & U1800 sections
  • Round-Robin format b/entries... If need be, we will split the U1800 into 2 divisions &/or run the open as a double-RR.
  • EF: $25 entry fee + $20 KCC dues (KCC and USCF membership required) + $10 anti-forfeit deposit (refundable upon completion of the event) = $55
  • Trophies will be awarded to the section/division winners. Ties for 1st place will be broken by a playoff game (probably G/30).
  • G/90 time control
  • Rounds will commence at 8:30 p.m. every Thursday night for the duration of the event.
  • Players may take 2 byes. A 3rd bye will cost you half of your deposit. A 4th will cost you the rest of your deposit and result in a forfeited game or expulsion from the tournament.
  • To register, seek Tournament Director Geoff McAuliffe or (if the TD is not present) another club officer (John Moldovan, Greg Tomkovich, Joe Renna) during our 12/27/2007, 1/3/2008 and 1/10/2008 meetings @ Kenilworth Community Center, 575 Boulevard, Kenilworth, N.J.
  • P.S. - entries will be accepted up to 8:15 p.m. on 1/17

January 24 - Club Championship, Round 2

January 31 - Club Championship, Round 3


February 7 - Club Championship, Round 4

February 14 - Club Championship, Round 5

February 16-18 - World Amateur Teams and U.S. TEAM EAST, PARSIPPANY, NJ. The club will sponsor teams up to $150 total. In 2005 we had two teams entered and won best NJ team. In 2006, our A-Team finished a respectable 21st in a field of 272. And in 2007, our A-Team played at Board #1 in Round 5 but lost a close match to the eventual tournament winner. We keep going up and up -- maybe 2008 will be the victory year? Stop by to visit if you are not playing. It is a great event.

6SS, 40/2, SD/1. Parsippany Hilton 1 Hilton Ct., Parsippany,N.J. 07054. Chess Rate valid until 1/16. Reserve early 973-267-7373 or 1-800-HILTONS. Morris/Essex train to Morris Plains 1.5 miles. Open to 4- player teams with one optional alternate. Team average (4 highest ratings-2007 Annual Rating list) must be under 2200. EF: $140 postmarked by 2/5/08. $170 after or at door.-all teams, any changes at site $25 charge. Check out official website Prizes: 1-5th Place teams, plaque and 4 digital clocks; Top Team (Denis Barry Award) U2100, 2000, 1900, 1800, 1700, 1600, 1500, 1400, 1300, 1200, 1000 each plaque and 4 Digital Clocks; Top college team (same school) 4 Digital Clocks & plaque; Top HS team (grades 9-12 same school), Top Middle School (grades 5-9 same school), Top Elementary School (grades K-6 same school), Top 2 Scholastic Teams (mixed schools okay) (Collins Award), Mixed Doubles (2 males, 2 females-no alternates), Seniors (all players over age 50), Military, each plaque & 4 Digital Clocks to top team; Company Team (same employer) Old Timers Trophy (all players over 65), Family (4 family members), State teams-CT, DE, MD, MA, NJ, NY (Benjamin Award), PA, VA, Canada, Ethel Collins Perseverance (lowest scoring scholastic) each plaque top team; team traveling longest distance-entry refunded. Best Player 1-4 and top alternate, All 6-0 scores each Digital clock. Biggest Individual upset each round Engraved Cross pen; Entry fee refunded to team with Best "Chess related" name, Sunday night- Best "Chess Related costumes or gimmick-1950's theme"-gourmet dinner for four. Reg. 9-12 Sat 2/16. Rds. 1-7:30, 11-6, 9-3:30. Special Events!! Surprises and special give-aways each round. Sunday night-Bughouse $20 per team. Cash prizes. HR: Parsippany Hilton, chess rates expire 1/16/2008. Rates $98 (up to 4 in room) 2nd hotel now attached to Hilton also up to 4 in room $101 per night-Hampton Inn--includes breakfast for 4. For help forming teams and more information contact Chks payable to NJSCF, mail by 2/05 to: E.Steven Doyle, 17 Stonehenge Road, Morristown, NJ 07960. (Include Team name, Captain, players full names, USCF Expiration, ID numbers and ratings in board order). Include SASE for confirmation if wanted, No registered or certified mail accepted. NS, NC, W. JGP.

February 21 - Club Championship, Round 6

February 28 - Club Championship, Round 7


March 6 -Club Championship, Playoffs or postponements (if necessary)

March 13 - Club Championship, Playoffs or postponements (if necessary)

March 20 - Club Championship, Playoffs or postponements (if necessary)

March 27 - Club Championship Awards ceremony


April 3 - Club Championship Concludes

April 10 - Handicapped Tandem Tournament

April 17 - Club Champoionship Awards Ceremony and first round of the Irving Ellner Memorial

Irving Ellner Memorial Swiss

Dates : April 17th thru May 1st
Format : 3/SS, not-rated
Time Control : G/45 + 5 second increment
Entry Fee : $5; to defer the cost of refreshments served on 4/17

Rounds : 9:00 p.m. on 4/17, 8:30 p.m. on 4/24 & 5/1

  • 1st round open to KCC members only.
  • Non-members & late-joins accepted before rounds 2 & 3.

Director : John Moldovan

April 24 - Irving Ellner Memorial Swiss, Round 2


May 1 - Irving Ellner Memorial Swiss, Round 3

May 8 - Blitz Tournament

May 15 - CONSULTATION GAME - Day One. Last year's Consultation Game was such a hit that we are bringing it back early. Two teams meeting in separate rooms take each other on in a game at 5 minutes per move. Teams vote on their choice of move, but team captains make the final call. Check out blog entries on last year's event to see how it works: Adjourned KCC Consultation Game and KCC Consultation Game Concludes -- and the java replay of the game itself. It was originally conceived on the model of the 2005 Polgar-Nakamura Exhibition Match, with two masters challenging each other in separate rooms, discussing their strategies to the audience present and answering questions about their thinking during the game. But it quickly turned into a team match, and that seems the best model for this year. Light refreshments.

May 22 - CONSULTATION GAME - Day Two. The consultation game concludes. Awards presentation for the club championship.

May 29 - FM Tom Bartell Simul -- tentative - $10


June 5 - Start of Summer Tournament. Please submit your entry and pay your entry fee by this date. Here are the tentative rules of the tournament:

  • Entry Fee is $5.00.
  • The tournament will run from June 5 through August 28.
  • The time control is G/60.
  • You may play anyone in the tournament. The first time you play an opponent, the lower rated player has white, in subsequent games against the same opponent you alternate colors.
  • You may not play the same opponent more than four times in the tournament.
  • You get one point for a win, one half point for a draw, and zero for a loss.
  • You may play as many or as few games as you like, but no more than two in one night. The more you play the more points you can win.
  • All games are to be played at the Kenilworth Chess Club during normal operating hours.
  • The winner is the person who has the most points at the end of the tournament.
  • The prizes are 60% for first place, 30% for second, and 10% for third.

June 12 - Kenilworth Summer Tournament, casual games and other events to be announced.

June 19 - Kenilworth Summer Tournament, casual games and other events to be announced.

June 26 - Kenilworth Summer Tournament, casual games and other events to be announced.


July 3 - Kenilworth Summer Tournament, casual games and other events to be announced.

July 10 - Kenilworth Summer Tournament, casual games and other events to be announced.

July 17 - Kenilworth Summer Tournament, casual games and other events to be announced.

July 24 - Kenilworth Summer Tournament

July 31 - Kenilworth Summer Tournament


August 7 - Kenilworth Summer Tournament

August 14 - Kenilworth Summer Tournament

August 21 - Kenilworth Summer Tournament

August 28 - End of Kenilworth Summer Tournament.


September 4 - TBA.

September 11 - TBA.

September 18- Lecture on Politics and Chess.

September 25 - TBA.


October 2 - SY FISH MEMORIAL RATED TOURNAMENT. Kenilworth Classic G-30 Rated Swiss Tournament. Club will open at 7:00 p.m. for short lecture or game analysis.

8:00-8:30 Registration for Game 30 Rated Tournament, two rounds per night for two nights. Rounds 1 and 2: 8:30-9:30 and 9:50-10:50.

October 9 - SY FISH MEMORIAL RATED TOURNAMENT. Kenilworth Classic G-30 Rated Tournament, day 2. Club will open at 7:00 p.m. for short lecture or game analysis.

October 16 - TBA

October 23 - TBA

October 30 - TBA


November 6 - TBA

November 13 - TBA

November 20 - TBA

November 27 - NO MEETING. Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday.


December 4 - TBA.

December 13 - Annual Business Meeting.

December 20 - Annual Holiday Party

December 25 - NO MEETING - Closed for Christmas Day

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