(1) Tomkovich,Greg (1698) - Kernighan,Mark (2244) [E47]
Kenilworth Summer Tournament Kenilworth, NJ (3), 25.06.2009
[Moldovan & Fritz 8]

E47 Nimzo-Indian Defense Rubinstein Variation

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.e3 0-0 5.Bd3 Re8!?
[>=5...d5= ; & 5...c5= are most common.; For 5...b6 see Rose - Massey : Union County Championship 1977 in my 2008 PGN archive.]

6.Nge2 Nc6
[>=6...d5 7.0-0 dxc4 8.Bxc4 c5 ; 6...c5 ]

7.0-0 e5 8.d5 Nb8 9.Qc2 d6N
[This varies from the 9...Bf8 10.a3 a5 11.Rb1 Na6 12.e4 c6 13.Bd2 Nc5 14.b4 axb4 15.axb4 Nxd3 16.Qxd3 cxd5 17.cxd5 d6 18.f3 Bd7 19.Be3 Ra3 20.Ra1 Qa8= of McMahon - Welling : London 1996; 9...a5N 10.a3 Bc5!? is less consistent with ...Re8 but seems playable : 11.Bd2 Na6 12.Ne4 Nxe4 13.Bxe4 g6+/= /\14.Bxa5? f5=/+ ]

10.Bd2 c5?!
[>=10...a5+/= etc.]

11.Ng3 Bxc3 12.Bxc3 Nbd7 13.f4 Kh8!?
A good move for Black is hard to find.

[This gives Mark the e5 square. 14.Ne4 Nxe4 15.Bxe4 would've kept a clear plus.]

14...Nxe5 15.Nf5
[>=15.Bf5 /\Nxc4?? 16.Bxf6+- ]

[15...b5!= trying to undermine the d5 P.]

[>=16.Rf4+/- ]

[>=16...Nf6+/= ]

[17.Be4 g6 18.Ng3+/- ]

17...Nxd3 18.Qxd3 Bxf5 19.Rxf5 Qe7 20.Rf3 Qc7
White's scoresheet had the ambiguous Q-B2.

21.Raf1 Qe7 22.Rh3
[>=22.Rg3+- ]

22...Qe4 23.Qe2?
[23.Qd1+/- ]

[23...b5!+/= ]

[24.Rg3+/- ]

24...Qxf4 0-1