(1) Moldovan,John (1881) - HaimPilosof (2036) [E67]
STC Championship sf World Chess Live (5), 05.08.2009
[Moldovan & Deep Rybka 3 (90s)]

G/60+30 E67 King's Indian Defense Fianchetto Variation

[With a win virtually clinching 1st place (1.5 point lead with 3 games to go), I considered going for a knockout with 1.e4 but the risk wasn't worth it. A loss would practically have eliminated me.]

1...Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.d4 0-0 5.g3 d6 6.Bg2 Nbd7
[For 6...c6 see Haim's 2nd round win over "chessforlove" & my 2008 STCC draw against "crazyjon".]

7.0-0 e5
[For 7...Re8 8.Qc2 c5 see my 2006 KST draw vs. Selling.]

8.Qc2 Re8
[For 8...c6 see my 2007 KCCC loss to Stoyko.]


Opinion on this varies. Chekov agrees with me. Stohl says "!?" & Andrew Martin says "!". [9...exd4 10.Nxd4 Nc5= looks more reasonable.]

[10.Nd2 e3 11.fxe3 Ng4 12.Nf1+/= Birnboim - Littlewood : London 1987 /\12...Qf6? 13.h3!+/- was a good alternative.]

10...e3 11.fxe3
Best. [11.Bxe3 Rxe3! a la Kasparov 12.fxe3 Ng4 ; 11.f4 c6 12.Qb3 Nf8 13.Rd3 Bf5 14.Rxe3 Rxe3 15.Bxe3 Ng4 16.Bf2 Nxf2 17.Kxf2 Bxd4+ 18.e3 Bf6 19.Nge4 Koneru - Stellwagen : Wijk aan Zee 2006 19...Nd7= ; 11.f3 d5 12.cxd5 Nb6 13.Qb3 Nfxd5 Schulz - Geenen : Belgium 2006 14.Nge4= ]

[RR11...Nf8 12.e4 Qe7 Kharitonov - Yuneev : St Petersburg, RUS 1994 13.c5+/= ; 11...Qe7 12.Rf1 Nb6 13.b3+/= ; 11...Nb6 12.c5+/- ]

12.e4 c5 13.Nf3
! Stohl [13.dxc5 Nxc5 14.h3 Ne5 Knuth - Priebe : Germany 2000 15.Nb5 may improve.]

13...cxd4 14.Nxd4

[14...a6 Ninov - Dedes : Athens 1988 15.Bf4+/= ; 14...h5 Sekulic - J. Ivanov : Belgrade 1993 15.Bf4+/= ; & 14...Nc5? Parfjonov - Matamoros : Campillos 2004 15.Ndb5+/- ]

Littlewood, HIARCS 11 & Fritz 8 claim this position is +/- but IMO, that's an exaggaeration.

[>=15...a6 ]

16.h3 Ne5 17.Nd5
[17.b3 would've kept an edge.]

17...Nxd5 18.exd5
White has repaired his structure & given his Bg2 a little more scope but Black now has compensation for the sacked e-pawn.

18...Nd7 19.Qf2
>= b3 here or next.

19...Nc5 20.Rf1
This threat against f7 is easily parried & ends-up costing me 2 tempi.


[21.Qc2 was the best way to stop ...Nd3.]

21...Bd7 22.Rb1 Ne4 23.Bxe4[]
Like it or not, I have to give my foe the B pair. His steed was too strong.

23...fxe4 24.Kh2 Rac8 25.Qe2
[Of course, not 25.b3? Rxc4!=/+ ]

[>=25...Qc5 26.b3 b5 ]

26.b3 Be5 27.Bb2 Qg5

This gives Black the better game. [28.Qg2! Qxe3 29.Ne6 Bxe6 30.Bxe5 /\dxe5 (>=30...Bxh3! 31.Qxh3 Qf2+ 32.Kh1[] Rxe5! 33.Qxc8+ Kg7 34.g4! [] (34.Qd7+ Kh6 35.g4[] Rg5 ) 34...Qf3+ 35.Kh2[] Qf2+ 36.Kh1[] Qf3+ & a draw.) 31.dxe6 Rxe6 32.Re1 & 33.Qxe4 was right.]

28...Rf8 29.Ne6
White returns the P & offers a draw but the enemy wants more.

29...Bxe6 30.dxe6 Rf3 31.Bxe5 Qxe5 32.Rbf1 Rcf8 33.e7 Qxe7 34.Rxf3 exf3 35.Qd2
[>=35.Qd3 ]


36.Qd5+ Rf7!
[36...Kg7? 37.Qd4+ Kh6 38.Rf1= ]

37.Qd4 h6 38.Rf1 h5
[>=38...g5=/+ ]

[>=39.h4= ]

[>=39...g5=/+ ]

40.Qe3 Qf6 41.Kg1?
[41.h4= , preventing the following, /\ Rf2]

41...g5 42.Qd2 Qe5 43.Kf2 Kh7-/+

& here, with me faltering & in time-trouble, Black surprisingly offered a draw. Time left - jpmoldovan 3:37, HaimPilosof 12:13 Time used - jpmoldovan 77:53, HaimPilosof 69:17 Longest think by White - 8:22 for 11.fxe3 Longest think by Black - 8:58 for 16...Ne5 start - 12:35:04 p.m. end - 3:02 p.m. length - 2 hours, 27 minutes 1/2-1/2