2011 Kenilworth Gauntlet

Revised 03/09/2011



1. Tournament Format

The Gauntlet consists of small knock-out groups. Players who are eliminated from their knock-out section are placed in the consolation "wild card" group, which will be Swiss-paired.

In each round, you will play two games against your opponent, one with each color.

The time control is 25+5 (increment, not delay) except for Armageddon tie-break games in the knock-out sections.


The event is open to all players.


Entry Fee: $5.00


Prizes: 50% to 1st (final winner), 30% to 2nd (final loser), 20% to 3rd (wild card winner).


Each player must keep score until he has less than 5 minutes left.


A player who is not present within 15 minutes of a roundís start shall forfeit that game.


Late joins will be allowed until the pairings for round 2 are made. Players who late-join will receive 1 point and be placed in the Wild Card section.


2. Dates of the Event

The 2011 Kenilworth Gauntlet will start on March 10th and run through March 31st. Rounds will commence at 8:30 p.m. & 9:40 p.m./ASAP every Thursday night for the duration of the event.


March 10th: Round 1 - After this round there will be four players in each KO group.
March 17th: Round 2 - After this round there will be two players in each knockout group.
March 24th: Round 3 - After this round there will be one player in each knockout group.
March 31st: Final - The winners of Group 1 & 2 will face-off for 1st place. The Wild Card group will play a 4th round.



3. Play in the Knockout Groups

Entrants will be seeded according to standard rating. Seeds 1-8 will be placed in one knock-out group, seeds 9-16 in another. Any entrants left over will be placed in the wild card group and play there from round one. If a group has fewer than 8 entrants, it will be run as a wild card group.

Pairings within each knock-out group will be: highest rated vs. lowest rated, 2nd highest vs. 2nd lowest, 3rd highest vs. 3rd lowest, 4th highest vs. 4th lowest.


In each round, opponents will play two games, one with each color. The first player to reach 1.5 or more points will advance to the next round. Their opponent will be knocked out, and play the remaining rounds in the wild card section.

If the score is tied 1-1 after two games, an Armageddon tie-break game will be played in which White will have 15 minutes and Black 12 minutes (choose for colors); there will be no increment or delay. The winner will advance to the next round. The loser will be relegated to the wild card section. In the event of a draw, the player with the black pieces in this game will advance.

4. Play in the Wild Card Section

Players who play in the wild card section from round one will begin with zero points. Players who are placed in this section after being eliminated from their knock-out section will start with as many points as they scored in all their knock-out games, excluding any Armageddon games. Pairings in this section will be regulated by Swiss system rules. Players who met in the knock-out stage may be paired again in the Wild card section.

Each round, players shall play two games against their opponent, one with each color. In the event of a 1-1 tie, No Armageddon games will be played in the wild card section.

At the end of the 4th round, the player with the highest score will be declared the winner. If two or more players have the same score, the player with the highest sum of progressive scores shall progress to the final (this is calculated by adding a player's score after their first game to their score after their second, and after their third, and so on, through their eighth 25+5 game. Armageddon games will not be counted. If there is still a tie, it will be broken by a coin toss.