(3) Moldovan,John (1847) - LoPresto,Robert (2029) [E12]
USCF Class A, Section 91CA101 correspondence, 1991
[Moldovan & Firebird 1.2]

Ratings listed are those at assignment on March 14, 1991. end date : 05/19/1992 E12 Queen's Indian Defense Petrosian Variation

1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 b6 3.d4 Bb7 4.Nc3 e6 5.a3 d5 6.cxd5 exd5 7.Qa4+ c6 8.g3 Be7
[>=8...Bd6 ]

9.Bg2 0-0 10.0-0 Nbd7 11.Bf4 Nh5 12.Rad1

[>=12.Bd2+/= as in Timman - Karpov : Lucerne (ol) 1982.]

[>=12...Nxf4 as in Yusupov - Short : Dubai (ol) 1986.]

13.Bc1 f5 14.Ne5 Nxe5 15.dxe5 Qc7 16.f4 g4
This foresakes possible counter-play against e5 or on the g-file. [>=16...Ng7 ]

17.b4 Ng7?!
[>=17...b5 18.Qb3 Qb6++/= ]

[>=18.b5+/- , continuing the minority attack, to isolate the d5 P.]

This blockades e5 & looks to prepare ...d4 but White prevents that with a pin along the a2-g8 diagonal. [18...b5 19.Qb3 a5+/= was right.]

19.Qb3 Rad8
Continuing preparations for the advance.

[Again, >=20.b5 ]


This puts the Q in the line of fire. [20...Qc8 /\ ...Rf7 followed by ...d4.] Now White has...

21.e4 fxe4 22.Bxe4 Qc8
... and is able to re-deploy his l.s. B.

23.Bb1!? Rf7 24.Ba2
Going after Black's drafty K.

24...Nc7 25.Rd2 Ba6 26.Rfd1
[>=26.Rc1 with veiled pressure against c6.]

[>=26...Bc4 to trade-off a bad B 27.Qb1 Bxa2 28.Qxa2 Qe6+/- was right.]

27.Qb1 Qa8?

Now White undermines the d5P & wins with...

28.b5!! Bxb5 29.Bxd5 Rxd5 30.Rxd5 Nxd5 31.Nxd5 Ba4?
[>=31...Qc8 was a much better try.]

[32.e6 Rg7 33.Nxe7+ Rxe7 34.Qb4 , forking the Ba4 & Re7, was simpler & better.]

32...Rxe7 33.Qb4?
[This wins but is another 2nd-best move. 33.Rd4 was strongest.]

33...Bxd1 34.Qxe7 Qf8 35.Qxa7 b5?
[35...Bf3 36.Bxb6 Qf5 was the toughest test.]

36.e6 Bb3 37.Qd7
Black resigns. 1-0