Garden State Chess League

2009-2010 Season






                NM Dragan Milovanovic 2266, Joshua Hill 1978, Mike Collucci 1964, Charles Miller 1829 (captain), Phil Hepler 1701, Ed Sytnik 1700, Erik Collazo 1536, Tom Stanics 1522, Gary Sheaf 1386, Sam Foster 1108



Kenilworth Karpovs

                FM Steve Stoyko 2240, Ian Mangion 1878 (captain), John Moldovan 1812, Max Sherer 1668, Joe Demetrick 1660, Bob Pelican 1649, Mike Wojcio 1613, Dan Komunicky 1496



Kenilworth Kortchnois




Kenilworth Kramniks (formerly Maplewood)








Staten Island








West Orange





Players committed to a team will appear in boldface.


The October 2009 Golden List, manually updated to include events rated thru 9/19, determined ratings used for the season.


For match purposes, players rated <1000 will be considered to have a 1000 rating.