Garden State Chess League

2013-2014 Season




  • Play will run from October 1st thru June 30th.
  • A round-robin format will be used.
  • Teams will play 1 match per month.
  • The time control will be G/75;d5. Analog clocks are to be set at G/75.
  • There will be 4 boards per team.
  • The visiting team will have White on boards 1 and 3.
  • A team’s 4-board average cannot exceed 1925.0 in any match.
  • Players rated <1000 will be considered to have a 1000 rating.
  • Provisional ratings will be considered established or official. *
  • Foreign players can be used but their rating will be converted to the USCF equivalent. *
  • If an unrated player is used, the average of the other players in his/her lineup must be 1925.0 or less.
  • The lineups must be in rating order with unrateds at the bottom.
  • The USCF’s September 2013 Golden Database will determine all player ratings for the season.
  • A club may field more than 1 team.
  • Once a player competes for a team, he is bound to them for the season.
  • The league's schedule-maker sets the playing site and takes traveling distance into account. Teams can request a day or venue change.
  • Ties in the standings will be broken as follows : 1. head to head result; 2. total game points; 3. games won
  • If a team does not play half of its scheduled matches, its results will be nulled. Forfeited matches are not considered played matches. *



* =  new rule for 2013-14