Thursday, May 12, 2005

Getting Started

I was thinking of putting a blog onto the Kenilworth Chess Club site for a while, but thought it might be some trouble setting it up. Then I stumbled upon an article in PC Magazine (also at PCWorld) on giving your site "blog appeal" and realized it could be done very easily through Blogger. What's more, I could help other members of the club set up their own web logs and turn our site into a collaborative effort without having to teach everyone HTML.

Set-up was easy. The only trouble I had was coming up with a name. I figured something that meant "citizen of Kenilworth," but I was puzzled for a while over whether that might be "Kenilworther," "Kenilworthan," "Kenilworthite," "Kenilworthian," or some other construction. I called up the Reference Librarian at the Kenilworth Public Library, Dale Spindel, who offered to research the question and give me the most definitive answer possible. To that end, she even contacted the town clerk of our namesake city, Kenilworth, England. In the end, though, it was the postings in Google's Groups using the term "Kenilworthian" that decided the issue for me.

And so "The Kenilworthian" was born.


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