Thursday, June 02, 2005

Links Updated

Well, over the past few days I took the Links pages "live" even though a couple of them are still "under construction." I wanted to make sure I had them up by May 31. In sorting through and revising my previous efforts, I find that I'm going to end up with a few additional pages -- including one on Chess Computers and one on Bobby Fischer. I should have them all in order and at least "ready for prime time" by the next couple of days. But they are fully usable and already better than the previous collection, in my view. I will no longer be updating the previous collection, and some time in June will put up the "moving" notices and then start forwarding people to the new address.

Any help that members of our club (or anyone else for that matter) can provide in improving my links would be most appreciated. Just e-mail me at


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