Saturday, July 09, 2005

Newspaper Article about the Kenilworth Club

The Newark Star Ledger ran an article yesterday (Friday) in the Union County section of the paper about our club: "33-year-old Chess Club Is All About Strategy," by Jason Jett. It is good publicity, especially since it presents us as welcoming to new members and willing to teach beginners the game.

As the article mentions, we actually only have three members from Kenilworth itself, and unless we can build a young and local membership we really cannot continue to grow or even survive into the future. Steve and Scott spoke last time about doing more instructional sessions and I think that would help to encourage younger members when they do attend. But we need to do more to get the word out about the club for the more general audience. The Star Ledger article is a great first step. Having our club website linked off of the Kenilworth township site is also a help. But I think, ultimately, we will have to get into the schools if we are to build up a young generation of members.

Maybe we should develop a scholastic chess strategy for the Kenilworth schools starting this Fall? Now is the time to plan.


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