Monday, August 15, 2005

Better than

We may not have won anything in the CJA Awards this year, but at least we have a better homepage than the USCF! Mig Greengard gives a great critique online and has gotten quite a conversation going. I hope they go back to the "old homepage" soon, but Mig has mirrored the new one so that we do not soon forget this major blunder by the new administration.

Seriously, though, even the old website was no great piece of work. I think the failure at the USCF is no different from the failure at many other organizations: they simply are not devoting enough resources to it because they underestimate the importance (and the potential) of the web. When they finally hire someone with some skill to redesign the site, I hope they will move to more dynamic and less static content--complete with a blog from the president and a way to access current tournament results right off the main page--so that they make their site something you might visit from time to time rather than one you simply use to accomplish bureaucratic tasks (like renewing your membership or checking on your rating). They obviously have a good database back-end. They should do more to manage their content and make the current content more available to visitors.


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