Monday, August 15, 2005

Milov and Benjamin Win US Open

You can find pictures and the basic facts at the US Open website. Too bad there is no official site with games and extra coverage. For a large event with such a rich legacy not to have a website is a shame. But, then again, it was brought to you by the USCF--the same folks who brought you the new USCF website. Without the website, though, you really have no news coverage to speak of... Another missed opportunity for US Chess.

Here's the scoop: Larry Christiansen (who chose the shorter schedule, which merged with the traditional) led the US Open going into the final round, with Benjamin and Milov close behind. But victories by Benjamin (versus Yermolinsky) and Milov (versus Christiansen) left them tied for first with 8/9. You can find the complete list of final standings online.


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