Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Where is the U.S. Open News?

I have several friends participating in the U. S. Open Chess Tournament this year, but I can find no news on the internet to see what's going on--not even a website (other than the lame page from the USCF referenced above). Hey, the HB Global Chess Challenge had a website at least.

Before Mike Wojcio (a.k.a. The Kenilworth Kibitzer) left for Arizona, I asked him to keep a blog of what was happening there. If he had done so, I think he would have been the top of the news about the event. Do a search at Google News and see. I just did and got three hits--one of which is the USCF's own press release at their site advertising the event. (BTW: if anyone knows of any bloggers covering the event, let me know!)

You see someone like GM Susan Polgar working hard to get chess on the news and have people thinking about it. And while she might not have made it into the mainstream media very strongly yet, you can definitely see she is trying. At the very least all chessplayers know what she is up to these days. I hope the new leadership at the USCF tries as hard.


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