Friday, September 02, 2005


If you visit my blog or the Kenilworth Chess Club site with Netscape, Firefox, or some other Mozilla-based browser, you may have noticed that I now have a Favicon (short for "favorites" "icon") composed of a blue Charlesworth "K" on a white Rook against a blue background. I will eventually insert the necessary coding into my pages so it will show up in Internet Explorer as well (though that will take some time and experimenting). You can make a Favicon for your site or blog too if you have some basic computer (and perhaps Photoshop) skills.

There are several instruction sites online, which you can find by searching on "how to make a favicon" or "create a favicon." I used the following excellent guide:

How to Create a Favicon by PhotoMatt

Within an hour after reading those instructions, I had made a Favicon and posted it to the root of my site. Now I just have to find time for some coding....


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