Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lithograph of New York 1857

A scan of the souvenir lithograph from the First American Chess Congress, New York 1857. Click on the picture to see a larger version (which should automatically resize for your screen). You can also see the original book scan (recommended only if you have a speedy internet connection).

The lithograph shows all of the members of the congress, both those who played in the main tournament and those who did not. Top row: Colonel Charles D. Mead (chairman), George Hammond, Frederic Perrin, Daniel Willard Fiske, Hiram Kennicott, and H. Philips Montgomery. Left column: Hubert Knott, Louis Paulsen, and William Allison. Bottom row: Theodore Lichtenhein, James Thompson, Charles H. Stanley, Judge A. B. Meek, S. R. Calthrop, and Napoleon Marache. Right column: W.J.A. Fuller, Paul Morphy, and Dr. B.I. Raphael.


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