Monday, September 26, 2005

Susswein-Demetrick, WOCC at KCC 2005

Black to play and get the advantage
after 12.O-O?

Joe Demetrick sent me the PGN file of his game from the West Orange-Kenilworth Match this past Thursday, and I have created a java applet version to play online. The game certainly has flaws and both players missed some things (as Joe missed a chance for advantage right out of the opening in the diagram above), but the ending was interesting, as it often is in Joe's games. Joe ended up with a Knight and two pawns versus a Rook, with other pawns on the board. The Knight had a powerful position supported by a pawn and standing in the center at d5, which gave Black at least a slight edge. His opponent, thinking incorrectly that he should press for a win up the Exchange, played recklessly and handed Joe a winning chance that he did not miss.

Everyone agrees that the two matches we have had this year with West Orange have been a lot of fun and we hope that indeed it might be "the beginnings of a league" (as more than one person suggested).


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