Friday, September 30, 2005

World Championship Info

The FIDE World Chess Championship is well covered online. As always, ChessBase has great photos and reports, with games. is a good place to find the games also in java applet form. The Week in Chess also has coverage and games. Dennis "The Chess Mind" Monokroussos promises some annotations at his blog. So it is a regular feast for anyone following this event.

For live viewing of the games, nothing beats the ICC (starting at 2 EDT), which you can now combine with Chess FM for the full audio-visual effect (though most of the idiotic kibitzing there I can do without). I hear Playchess is doing good work with Seirawan and showing the games, so you can likely get the same effect there. I have also viewed which offers one game live in an easy-access format plus, as I mentioned, all the games once they have been played.

This is good stuff! Today's games seem to feature some fascinating prepared lines, especially in the games between Polgar and poor Kasimdzhano and Anand and poor Adams. You can tell by the clock alone that this is home cooking!


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