Sunday, November 20, 2005

Goeller-Chieu, Roselle CC at Kenilworth CC 2005

White to play and at least draw after 37...Bb7.

My game against expert Ken Chieu from the recent team match between the Roselle and Kenilworth Chess Clubs was important for me to look at closely, since it is a critical line in my opening repertoire. You can download the PGN file of my analysis if these lines interest you also. Basically, Ken's opening play encouraged me to transpose from a Grand Prix Attack to the more traditional Closed Sicilian with g3 and Bg2, with which I'm less familiar. In fact, I have not looked at these lines closely since annotating the game Capablanca-Zhenevsky, Moscow 1925 for these pages. So it was a useful exercise putting this together. I think I managed to get to at least an equal position in the end before losing on time. In the diagram above, your job is to find a forced draw that someone might reasonably be able to play in a few seconds in sudden death time controls!


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