Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Google Earth

The Kenilworth Recreation Center
--home to the Kenilworth Chess Club.

I have been having fun lately with Google Earth, which allows you to view anywhere in the world from old satellite imagery. The images appear to be about 2-years-old or more on average (to judge from various missing additions to houses I know), probably because the CIA would not allow potential enemies access to current imagery. But it is a fantastic service and another coup from Google.

The image above shows the Kenilworth Chess Club from outer space. DG at the Boylestown Chess Club's Weblog links to "the world's largest chessboard" in Idaho. Below is the KCC in relation to Garden State Parkway exit 138. Pretty cool.

The Kenilworth CC in relation to
Garden State Parkway Exit 138.

Hat tip to The Chess Mind for mentioning it on his blog a while back.


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