Friday, November 11, 2005

KCC Five Minute Tournament

Five Minute Tourney at KCC.

Last night the Kenilworth Chess Club hosted a very strong round robin Five Minute Tournament with 12 players (average rating 2030). The top finishers were:

"Mirage" Daftani 9.5/11
Scott Massey 9/11
Mauricio Camejo 8.5/11
Steve Stoyko 8/11
Mark Kernighan 7.5/11

Other participants included myself, Ken Chieu, Cesar Sorto, Brian Meinders, Ed Selling, Mike Wojcio, and Pete Cavaliere. It was such a strong event that Mike Wojcio won best under-1800 honors with a mere 2.5 points! I scored a dismal 4/11 though I had the satisfaction of beating NM Mark Kernighan and giving almost everyone (except the eventual winner) lots of trouble.

On the schedule for next week is a lecture by NM Scott Massey from 7:00-8:00 p.m. on endgame themes and a match with the Roselle Chess Club that should take the remainder of the evening. It has been wonderful having several of the stronger Roselle players attending our club lately and I hope the match next week helps to continue the trend.


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