Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Some Queen's Gambit Declined Links

FM Steve Stoyko's lectures on a 1.d4 d5 Black Repertoire continue in two more weeks (December 1, due to the Thanksgiving holiday that intervenes on November 24), but there are plenty of online sources of inspiration for those who want to learn more about the Queen's Gambit Declined as Black or White. Here are some links that relate to the material that Steve has been covering in his lectures, including lots of games that feature the Exchange Variation:

Creating an Easy Opening Repertoire as Black by Jeremy Silman
A good article for beginners, introducing the ideas of the Black side of the Tartakower system and the Exchange Variation in the Queen's Gambit Declined.

The Odd Push of the C-Pawn by Jeremy Silman
Gives a refutation of 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.c5? which club players will see from time to time.

Exploiting Open and Half-Open Files from Chessville
A great introduction to the power of the minority attack in the Exchange Variation through a close consideration of Kotov-Pachman, Venice 1950.

Queen's Gambit Declined
Part of the Chess Corner Opening Survey. Includes good general coverage and games for each major line (you need to navigate to the end of each section to find the games).

Queen's Gambit by Kenneth Curmi at GMSquare
Good introduction to White's ideas in the QGD.

Lessons Learned: A Rude Awakening by GM Alexander Baburin
A wonderfully annotated game at the Chessville site featuring the game Baburin-King, League Match 2004 which began 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Be7!? 4.cxd4 exd4 5.Bf4 and was won by Black. The game is also available in java applet format.

Queen's Gambit Declined by IM Zoran Ilic
From the Archives. White plays Bf4 with either positional or tactical intentions.

Queen's Gambit Point Machine by Mark Morss
A good general introduction to the Queen's Gambit for White. Be sure to see the links to games at the bottom, including Morss-Raines and Morss-Marples which feature Bf4 in the Exchange QGD.

An Aggressive System Against the Queen's Gambit Declined from the Barnet Chess Club
Recommends the Exchange Variation with Q-side castling for White.

An Aggressive System against the Queen's Gambit Declined from Chess Corner
An interesting introduction to the Queen's Gambit Declined Exchange Variation with Queenside castling for White.

Paehtz-Schipkov, 1989 by GM Boris Schipkov
Annotates an interesting game where Black tried the 8...Nh5 line against the QGD Exchange Variation.

Schipkov-Siturikin, 1991 by GM Boris Schipkov
Annotates a nice win for White in the Exchange Variation with Queenside castling.

Gretarsson-Ehlvest, Reykjavik 2002 by GM Boris Schipkov
Well-annotated game featuring great aggressive play by Black against a premature Pb4 in the Bf4 QGD. There is a similar game also annotated.

Karpov-Ricardi, 2001 by GM Boris Schipkov
Annotates a nice Karpov win in the Exchange Variation against an odd Black plan that postpones castling.

Schipkov-Ruban, 1986 by GM Boris Schipkov
Considers a game that could have arisen from the Exchange Variation.

My Favorite Games by NM Brian McCarthy
Well-annotated games, mostly at fast time limits against very strong players, by the New Jersey master, including one (the last) that involves the Queen's Gambit Exchange Variation with ...Nh5.

Gambito de Dama by Erich Gonzalez
Analyzes a nice game of Capablanca's.

Capablanca-Janowski, New York 1918 annotated by Capablanca
An interesting game featuring Capa's 6.Nbd2 novelty with the idea of recapturing the pawn at c4 with the Knight to better control e5.


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I have a feeling the Chess Corner link is a dismal plagiarism of Tryfon/Barnet's original work.

There is a bit about the minority attack in the QGD on my site.



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