Monday, January 23, 2006

Legends of New Jersey Chess


Black to play after 26.Nxg5.

The Westfield Chess Club is holding a tournament called "Legends of New Jersey Chess" directed by NM Todd Lunna (who was apparently too modest to play himself). Our own FM Steve Stoyko and NM Ed Allen are playing. Other participants include life masters Arthur Feuerstein, Peter Radomskyj, and Leroy Dubeck and well-known organizers / tournament directors Ken Thomas, Herman Drenth, and Bill Cohen. There may be a few more players but my information is incomplete.

The position above comes from the first round game Cohen-Stoyko, Westfield 2006. Black to play and finish things quickly. As Steve described it: "He was expecting a jab but I surprised him with a right hook that knocked him flat."

I can find no further details about the tournament online, but I assume there will be another round on Sunday beginning at 2 at the YMCA at Ferris Place if you're interested in checking it out.


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