Monday, February 13, 2006

Round 5 of the KCC Championship


Massey - Kernighan
Black to play and win after 38.Rc4??


Pelican - Mann
White to play and win after 27...Be6.


Stoyko - Goeller
White to play and win after 22...f5.

The games from Round 5 of the 2006 Kenilworth Chess Club Championship are posted (also available in PGN). Both Scott Massey and myself continue to have some disappointing results, which I'm sure has Steve worried about our chances for the U.S. Amateur Teams East this coming weekend. I will be analyzing my own game with Steve as part of my series on "The Panther" in coming days. The last diagram above gives you some idea how that one went... It wasn't because of the opening, though Steve likely chose the most challenging way of meeting it.


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