Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Round 8 of the KCC Championship


Black to play and win.


White to play and at least draw.


Black to play and win.


Black to play and win easily.

The diagrams above, from Round 8 of the Kenilworth Chess Club Championship, all involve gaining a Queen, either by winning the opponent's lady or forcing through a pawn to the queening square. None of the positions are especially difficult (especially once you know the goal).

I was not able to attend last meeting due to illness, but I hope to make it this Thursday to play my last game (against NM Scott Massey) and to witness the playoff games between NM Mark Kernighan vs. FM Steve Stoyko for the Club Champion title and Bob Pelican vs. Ed Selling for the U-1800 title.

If Steve had not lost the thread in time pressure and blundered away his winning advantage, forcing him to take a draw by perpetual check, no playoff would have been necessary. Now Mark "Mr. Houdini" Kernighan has a chance to win the title in the Game-30 playoff. But at least we will have some excitement on the last day of the tournament....
(Note: this is a corrected posting).


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