Saturday, May 06, 2006

Newspaper Article on NM Evan Ju


Black to play and win after 17.Kh2 in
Ashwath-Ju, WYCC Halkidiki 2003

There is an article in the Chester Observer-Tribune about 14-year-old New Jersey master Evan Ju. I know that young Evan has played several of our club members, and that he even posted a win over our club champion, Steve Stoyko, in the 2005 New Jersey Open, where the teenager finished in a tie for second place over a very strong field. I have posted two of his better games (including the scintillating attacking game Ashwath-Ju, from which the diagram above is taken) as a PGN file for you to download.

Update: See "How 15-year-old Evan Ju Won the 2006 NJ Open Chess Championship," which includes an analysis of all his games from the event.


Blogger Patrick said...

Whoa, the move from the diagram is quite a shot. I am almost as shocked at White's feeble reply.... But i suppose that a move like Black's 17th could induce shell shock.

Wed May 10, 09:47:00 PM EDT  

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