Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Annual NM Scott Massey Lecture This Thursday

The annual lecture by NM Scott Massey will take place at the Kenilworth Chess Club this Thursday night, October 26, starting shortly after 8:00 p.m. His theme this year is the life and games of Paul Keres, one of the great "uncrowned kings" of chess. Here are some links for those interested in learning more about Keres either before or after Scott's talk:

Remembering Paul Keres from ChessBase
The chess games of Paul Keres from ChessGames
Paul Keres from Wikipedia

Previous lectures by NM Massey (club champion 1991-2004) have covered Moscow 1925 and the Origins of Soviet Chess, King and Pawn Endings, How to Analyze, and The Theories of Wilhelm Steinitz. I have been absent from the club of late but I would never miss Scott's annual lecture, and I urge everyone to attend. The fee is a modest $5.


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