Monday, November 13, 2006

KCC Consultation Game Concludes

kcc consultation game diagram

White to play and win after 32.Re8+ Kg7.

The Chess Coroner has posted a java-replay and zipped PGN of the completed and annotated consultation game played at the Kenilworth Chess Club during its last two meetings. The critical moment occured (as it often does) at the adjournment, when the Black team did not correctly choose 25....d4! (as suggested later by our reader, Patrick), after which Black appears to have an advantage, but instead chose 25....Ng5? after which White exchanged dark squared Bishops with 26.Bd4! and dominated the critical d4-square. Note that, in the diagram above from the end of the game, it's from that same d4-square that the White Knight launches into the attack (hint, hint).

I was in Chicago for a conference and so was unable to see the end of the game myself. But reports all around are that the consultation game was a very successful experiment and one likely to be repeated next year.


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