Monday, November 27, 2006

Raymond Keene on Spielmann

Raymond Keene's "An Appreciation of Rudolph [sic] Spielmann" at Chessville is worth a look, if only for the wonderful annotated game Rubinstein-Spielmann, San Sebastian 1912 which accompanies it. You can see more games by Rudolf Spielmann at

We should mention that in Chess Notes #3686, Edward Winter established (based on signature) that the correct spelling of Spielmann's first name was actually "Rudolf" and not "Rudolph."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely Mr. Spielmann wished to be distinguished from that "most famous reindeer of all".

Mon Nov 27, 02:52:00 PM EST  
Anonymous M.Nieuweboer said...

The game is wonderful, the annotations are not. Example:
"White could trade on c6 but Rubinstein clearly felt that his king needed the added protection provided by the bishop on g2"

Yes, especially as Spielmann himself already had shown 22.Bxc6? Qxe2 winning.

Wed Nov 29, 10:35:00 PM EST  

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