Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 KCC Championship Starts January 11

The 2007 Kenilworth Chess Club Championship is set to start next Thursday, January 11, 2007. As The Chess Coroner notes, advanced registration has been low, with six registered for the under-1800 section and only one player committed so far to the open section. We expect quite a few more to sign up next week. FM Steve Stoyko is expected to defend his title. NMs Scott Massey and Mark Kernighan attended the last meeting and, while non-commital, said they would attend the first day.

As with 2006, this year it will be broken into two sections: an Open section with players vying for the championship and an Under-1800 section with players vying for the Under-1800 title. The format will also be the same as last year's event: a time control of Game-90, with 5-second-delay upon request. Trophies for Club Champion, second place, and third place, Under-1800, and Under-1500. The event will be Unrated. Entry Fee: $25, plus a $10 deposit toward excessive byes. Club membership ($15) required. Bye Policy: Two free byes. After the two free byes, players forfeit their $10 deposit for an additional bye. Four byes results in forfeit. Tournament Director: Geoff McAuliffe (TD) Sections: Open Section (for Club Championship) and Under-1800 (for under-1800 title).

I have updated the Calendar for 2007, though most of it (besides the championship) remains "To Be Announced." To learn more about the tradition of the Club Championship, check out the following:


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