Tuesday, February 20, 2007

USATE 2007 Update

The US Amateur Teams East Championship is ended. After a great 4/4 run and a visit to Board #1, the Kenilworth Chess Club A-team stumbled to a 4/6 finish. Though we won no prizes, I had a very pleasant experience because I split Board 4 duties with another Expert and only had to play in the mornings. I ended up with 2.5/3 after drawing in the last round. I may share the two wins (against much lower rated opposition but nicely executed and short) in my next post. Anyone who played all six games is probably completely wiped out.

I have been searching for news about who won the US Amateur Teams East with no luck. You can find a list of USATE Champions from 1971-2003 online and lots of old news, but nothing from 2007. I did discover that The US Amateur Team South was won by The Shocker and The US Amateur Teams West by Knights of the Republic, led by IM Enrico Sevillano. If anyone can enlighten me as to the East and the North, please do so in the comments.

I found a few US Amateur Team bloggers online. Jim West on Chess posts an interesting draw with his famous Philidor Counter-Gambit. Patrick of Chess for Blood (who played in the USAT West event) has several nice games here, here, and here. And Derek Slater of the Reassembler blog has several entries on his USATE experience.



Anonymous Derek Slater said...

Hi Michael. Thanks for the link. Coincidentally you wrote an article once upong a time about the so-called Apocalypse Attack. I liked the article and played that line in round three!

Tue Feb 20, 03:40:00 PM EST  
Blogger Michael Goeller said...

I played it myself last year. This year I've switched to the Caveman Caro-Kann, though I still have to train with it some more.

Tue Feb 20, 04:59:00 PM EST  

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