Tuesday, April 17, 2007

IM Ken Regan Profiled

Dennis Monokroussos of The Chess Mind blog offers a very nice profile of IM Ken Regan, including some excellent annotated games. Likely many KCC old-timers remember Ken from his days playing in New Jersey, including in the old Raritan Valley Chess League. Like many players who remained amateurs (such as Tyler Cowen), Ken pursued academics and is a professor of computer science at SUNY Buffalo. I recommend you check out his web pages devoted to chess, especially on chess and computing.



Blogger KWRegan said...

I spotted this while checking for my father-in-law and mother-in-law that Google chess mind blog would find the profile simpler than my giving a URL. I wasn't Googling my name :-).

Greetings to old friends in NJ, and thanks! My parents are still well and still in Paramus. I'm posting also to say apologies that a fair number of my Kasparov-World links are broken. We finally purchased a better computer (MacPro can run Windows too), but I haven't even had time to download the endgame tablebases I mention yet.

I noted Tyler Cowen's blog last autumn, have read it a few times, and I will contact him after my term ends next month. Nice interview! I must confess I still have (in this very room) the ECO C he lent me and which I never got back to him as we diverged to college---I'll have to find something less dated as repayment. At least I can feel less guilty thinking my pinching it ended his chess career :-). Google Regan Cowen GSCA for old NJ times...

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