Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Club Calendar Updated

The Kenilworth Chess Club Calendar has been updated. Highlights include the following:

May 10 - FIVE MINUTE TOURNAMENT. $5 Entry fee. All money returned as prizes. This one is for real! Additional funds to sweeten the pot! Light refreshments.

May 17 - CONSULTATION GAME - Day One. Last year's Consultation Game was such a hit that we are bringing it back early. Two teams meeting in separate rooms take each other on in a game at 5 minutes per move. Teams vote on their choice of move, but team captains make the final call.

May 24 - CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY NIGHT and CONSULTATION GAME - Day Two. The consultation game concludes. Awards presentation for the club championship.

May 31 - THEMATIC TOURNAMENT - theme to be announced at least one week in advance (see The Kenilworthian or The Chess Coroner for details). Four rounds at Game-15. Entry fee $5 -- all money returned as prizes. Starts promptly at 8:30 pm with rounds ASAP thereafter. Last year's tournament (see details here and here) was enjoyed by six participants.

June 7 - Start of Summer Tournament. Please submit your entry and pay your entry fee by this date. Here are the tentative rules of the tournament:



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