Friday, May 11, 2007

Five-Minute Tournament Report

The five-minute tournament last night was fun but small. I have posted two of my more memorable and wild games online. Though a number of people came to the club and played blitz, only six actually participated in the tournament -- which made it possible for us to play a double round robin (playing both white and black against all opponents). NM Mark Kernighan (who won the blitz event at Westfield recently) came in clear first with 8.5, with newcomer Jose Lahoz (2300+) in second with 7. I took third, getting at least a point off of everyone except Mark, who only surrendered a single draw to me. It was a pleasure to see rising star Anna Matlin (now pushing 1800 and likely to be the next Irina Krush) not only return to the club but take clear fourth place in the very strong field. Perhaps she will play again in the Summer Tournament, which gets underway June 7.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael, thank you for kind words. Anna really had a great time at KCC yesterday.

Fri May 11, 11:50:00 PM EDT  

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