Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nimzovitch du Pion Roi

There is a useful new site on the Nimzovich (1.e4 Nc6) in French: Nimzovitch du Pion Roi. It may soon be time to update my 1....Nc6 Bibliography.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, Mr. Goeller

thanks alot for posting pointers on how to improve in chess. Regarding #1. study tactics, tactics & more tactics. i am currently 1090 USCF but on doing tactics ranging from 1200 - 1400, is that ok i don't wany to jump up to 1800 and above, yet sir. is that ok, sir

Can't affort to pay mentor, yet.

But the rest i am complying with it to the letter

best regards & more power to you, sir

Mon May 28, 01:25:00 AM EDT  

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