Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Jersey Knockouts vs. Queens Pioneers

The New Jersey Knockouts kicked off their 2007 US Chess League season with a tie (2-2) against the Queens pioneers. I have posted the games online with some notes.

All of the games were hard fought, but I especially admired IM Eli Vovsha's nice win over FM Tommy Bartell on Board 2 which featured a stunning Knight sac to reach a better ending (though it could have been much worse if Tommy hadn't reacted well). Evan Ju nearly lost on bottom board to an Expert by pressing too hard as Black in the Exchange French, but he managed to create an interesting fortress position to secure the draw. The GM game on Board 1 was a real heavyweight wrestling match that could have gone either way until Benjamin managed to win the Exchange by an artful bit of maneuvering and tactics.

All in all, considering the obvious strength of the opposition, a draw was not a bad result. Next match September 5: Black vs Tennessee Tempo (8:00 ET).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Wed Aug 29, 06:21:00 AM EDT  

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