Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vadim Zvjaginsev

I listened to John Watson's excellent ICC radio show last night, where he gave a favorable review to Jan Timman's On the Attack, a collection of great attacking games. The first game that he examined was Cifuentes-Parada--Zvjaginsev, Wijk aan Zee 1995, which is a beautiful game, featuring both a queen sac and a king hunt. I recognized Vadim Zvjaginsev as the originator of the controversial opening 1.e4 c5 2.Na3!? but was unfamiliar with him as a player, so I naturally checked out his games at Some of his best have been collected there in a piece titled "Z is for Zvjaginsev." More puzzles from his games can be found at Chess Puzzles by GMs. If you solve the ones above, I think you'll want to learn more about this Russian GM born August 18, 1976.



Blogger katar said...

that dude's name would be worth a lot of points in Scrabble.

Fri Aug 24, 03:50:00 AM EDT  

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