Thursday, September 13, 2007

NJ Knockouts Draw Kingfishers

Ippolito-Enkhbat, USCL 2007
White to play and win.

Lunna-Rouleau, USCL 2007
White to play. What result?

I have posted the games from last night's match between the New Jersey Knockouts and Baltimore Kingfishers. My predictions of yesterday turned out to be fairly accurate. Benjamin, as Black, did gain a slight endgame edge over Blehm and made him suffer a bit before admitting that the game was a draw. Ippolito had a tough time against Enkhbat, who had a clear advantage until he allowed Ippolito to get the outside passed pawn that decided the game (see diagram above). This was the "lucky break of the week" for New Jersey. On Board 3, Shen went down badly to his much more experienced opponent. And Lunna's brilliant draw on Board 4 (see above) proved critical in securing a tie result at 2-2.

After this third drawn match in a row, though, we might consider changing the name to "Even Stevens."

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