Friday, January 11, 2008

Amusing Search Terms IV

As I've discussed before (1, 2, 3), the majority of my blog visitors arrive via a Google search using keywords, some of which can be quite amusing. Here are some recent ones that caught my attention, together with my commentary:

  • paranoia attack
    (Someone's plotting to use that variation against me.)
  • anti anti-anti-sicilian
    (They will eventually up the ante on that.)
  • robot fetish
    (Maybe if you dress it in leather....)
  • david levy sex robot
    (I'm sure he'd be flattered by the nickname.)
  • david levy fetish
    (Who suffers from that? Mrs. Levy perhaps?)
  • sam sloan fetish
    (Probably Truong.)
  • sexy chess photos
    (No doubt he was disappointed.)
  • kenilworth sex
    (I hope that one doesn't show up at the club.)
  • 1 e4 c4 2 Nf3 Nc3
    (He's only interested in White's perspective.)
  • it takes many years to play good chess
    (Tell me about it, brother.)
  • frankenstein, dracula and werewolf
    (My blog is near the top for that search.)
  • chess petrov or petroff
    ("Let's call the whole thing off.")
  • how to write a article
    (I don't think he's qualified.)
  • pure pedantry
    (No surprise these terms lead you to my blog.)



Blogger Tom Panelas said...

Very funny stuff, Michael -- especially your annotations. I haven't searched on "chess cupcakes" for awhile, so I'm not surprised that's fallen off the radar.

Fri Jan 11, 06:35:00 PM EST  
Blogger Michael Goeller said...

Ah, so that was you, eh? I recommend my "chess tarts" -- very popular at the club. Today I got "do skeptics make good chess players?" -- thought it might be you, but it was someone in West Hempstead, NY. Good question, though. According to Rowson they do.

Sat Jan 12, 03:51:00 AM EST  
Blogger Tom Panelas said...

Yeah, I would expect skepticism to make you a better player. You're more inclined to doubt the solidity of your own plans and to look for refutations of them. Skeptics are probably less susceptable to overconfidence.

Of course, it's possible to take skepticism too far. If you doubt the very existence of the board, pieces, and your opponent, you may not take the game very seriously. Then you'll blunder and find out that they do indeed exist.

That is, if infering existence from a blunder and loss is sound epistological reasoning. Frankly, I have my doubts.

Re: chess tarts -- thanks. I see you posted the recipe on 12/22/06.

Sat Jan 12, 10:15:00 PM EST  
Blogger Tom Panelas said...

That's epistemological. I do know the word -- honest.

As Michael has already discovered, spelling is not my speciality.

Sat Jan 12, 10:24:00 PM EST  
Blogger Polly said...

I'm going to ask one of those totally ungeek questions? How does one find out what search phrases people are using to brings up your blog? I'd be curious to know how many times people find my blog by Googling King Kong. LOL

Sun Jan 13, 08:28:00 PM EST  
Blogger Michael Goeller said...

No problem, Polly. I'll have to be less geeky myself in the future and acknowledge the wider audience. Basically, you have to install some sort of stat-counter on your blog to gather detailed information about visitors. There are a number of free services out there (hmmmm - sounds like a possible post topic to me), but I rather like the clean look of You can see the icon and link to "View My Stats" way down near the bottom of the right tool bar on my blog -- just above the weather. If you click on "View My Stats," you can find out about visitors to this site yourself -- including the keyword analysis from which these cute little tidbits arise. I will have to test whether King Kong actually brings up your site... I think a better combo might be "chess bike" or something like that.

Mon Jan 14, 01:15:00 AM EST  

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