Monday, January 21, 2008

Short Squishes Cheparinov

Short-Cheparinov, Corus 2008
White to Play and Win after 69...Nf6+

British GM Nigel Short today very slowly squeezed and finally squished GM Ivan Cheparinov like an anaconda devouring a giant river rat, in what had to be the most psychologically satisfying game of his career. Yesterday, Cheparinov refused to shake hands with Short to begin their game in Round 8 of the Corus tournament, whereupon the former World Championship challenger claimed a forfeit based on his understanding of the recent FIDE rule penalizing unsportsmanlike conduct of exactly this type. An appeals committee (which included Vladimir Kramnik) allowed Cheparinov to make up the game if he apologized in writing for the offense, which he did, and the game was replayed today -- after the required handshake. I had sided with Short in the matter, so it was very nice to see him gain the vindication of victory (much like the knights of old).

In the diagram above, find the most fully satisfying win for Short after 69...Nf6+. Replay the complete game at Read more about the incident at the links below:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most amusing commentary was posted by someone at Mig's blog: "Hopefully toiletgate and handshakegate will never meet, cause there could be some hygeine issues..."

Mon Jan 21, 11:20:00 PM EST  
Blogger Michael Goeller said...

I think the most recent dispute actually arose out of toiletgate. Let's not associate either with Gormallygate or we'll start to feel really dirty.

Tue Jan 22, 09:28:00 AM EST  

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