Thursday, August 28, 2008

62nd New Jersey State Chess Championship 2008

The 62nd New Jersey State Championship (a.k.a. the New Jersey Open) chess tournament will run this weekend.  There was no advertisement in Chess Life, but you can find the complete details at the New Jersey State Chess Federation website.  It will be held at the Somerset Ramada Inn, 60 Cottontail Lane, Somerset NJ, Exit 12 off I-287 (Weston Canal Road). Registration is 9-11 on Saturday for the three-day schedule and the first round starts at noon.  I will definitely visit, if only to see what goodies Fred Wilson has for sale.

Here are the complete details: In 4 Sections: Open, Gold (U1900), Silver (U1600) & Booster (U1300). In 2 playing schedules: 3-day (Sat, Sun & Mon) or 2-day (Sun & Mon only). All prizes guaranteed. Open: $500-400-300-200-200-150-150-100. Top Expert & Class A, $100. U1900: $500-300-200-100. Top class B $100. U1600: $500-300-200-100. Top class D, $100. U1300: $500-300- 200-100. Trophies: Top 3 each per section, NJ Champion, Expert, A, B, D, E & Unrated. Unrated may win first prize only in Top Section. EF: Open Section: at site $85. $40 Re-entry but can’t be NJ Champion. Lower 3 Sections: At site $80. $40 Re-entry. 3-day: Reg. Aug 30, 9am - 11am. Round times Sat. 12-7, Sun 11-6, Mon. 9-4. 2-day: Reg. Aug 31, 9am - 10:30am, Round #1-#3 (G/45) starts 11am then ASAP. Both schedules merge in round 4. Byes: 2 byes allowed. Hotel info: Somerset Ramada Inn Room rates $79 with free continental Breakfast (732) 560-9880. Info: Ken, or 908.763.6468 or signup online at Notice: Players and Spectators, no ear covering or cell phones attached to the ears. NS, No Chewing Tobacco, NC, W.



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