Sunday, August 31, 2008

Photos from the NJ Championship

FM Steve Stoyko and NM Scott Massey
posing "for the blog"

I dropped by the NJ State Chess Championship on Saturday to snap some pictures.  Despite the fact that it was not advertised in Chess Life, the tournament appeared to be well attended.  Besides those playing, there were also a number stopping by to browse Fred Wilson's books and see their friends.  Scott Massey came by to analyze some games with his students and ran into Steve Stoyko, who was playing.  I got these Kenilworth regulars to pose for a picture, with both calling out "for the blog" in place of "cheese."

FM Tommy Bartell

FM Tommy Bartell was also playing, though he recently moved to Philadelphia where he has set up house and is looking forward to the birth of a son (his first child).  Tommy will be playing for the Philadelphia Inventors in the US Chess League this year.

Fred Wilson's book selection

I spent most of my time browsing Fred Wilson's book tables. As always, he had an excellent selection of books, vintage sets, and clocks and will be at the tournament through Monday.

Top boards included IM Dean Ippolito (top)



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