Saturday, November 01, 2008

NJ Knockouts Lose to New York (Again)

Finding themselves in exactly the same position as they were in last year, with draw odds against a resurgent New York Knights team, the New Jersey Knockouts blew it again and lost in Week 10 of US Chess League action. They are out of the playoffs, despite their excellent start this season, and the New York team (which started 1-5) takes the final Wild Card spot.

I have annotated the games and posted them online. You can also compare last year's games.

The NJ loss feels to me like a sad end to a couple of weeks full of generally more happy conclusions, with Anand taking the World Chess Championship and the Phillies taking the World Series. With the Presidential election concluding on Tuesday, I expect to feel a bit at sea, with nothing much worth following online or in the media. Maybe it will be time to go on another hiatus...

Other news can be found at the USCL website and NJKO blog. For those interested, I have updated the Articles page of our site to give links to all the matches from this year.

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