Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Kenilworth Kibitzer

Welcome another web log to the chess blogosphere: the Kenilworth Kibitzer is now online and open to all members of the club who want an outlet for their chess-related commentary. I have posted a few questions there to help get us started, but I expect to be more of a kibitzer than a commentator in that space down the road.

As readers of the Kenilworth Chess Club History know, that was the name of our old monthly newsletter, which Mike Wojcio started in 1988 and which published off and on for over 15 years. I almost took that name for my own blog, but I was hoping Mike would pick up the blogging habit himself under that banner, and I didn't want Tim Harding of Chess Cafe's long-running "The Kibitzer" column to think I was swiping his moniker. Now the blog returns to the real meaning of "kibitzer," which is basically anyone, expert or tyro, with something to say about our game. If you want to post, let me or a club officer know and we will invite you. But anyone can go to listen in or add a comment to an existing post.



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