Thursday, February 19, 2009

USATE 2009 Wrap-Up

Bartell - Stoyko, USATE 2009
A two-cups-of-coffee sort of game for Steve.

There are quite a few postings regarding the recently completed US Amateur Team East 2009, beginning with the prize results (at the NJSCF site). The top teams were:

Top Team (Dennis Barry Award): Palin Gambit: Give UP
2nd Place: Black's First Move - President Obama
3rd Place: UR Outrated: Give Up
4th Place: Quantum of Soltis
5th Place: 1. d4 (they also won best NJ team)

The tournament crosstable will probably be up around March 1, to judge from last year (there were over 1200 players, after all). Some reflections and games can be found online:

Chess by Dylan Loeb McClain in The International Herald Tribune
An article on USATE featuring an important game Rueda - Schoch from the last round, top board match-up between "Palin Gambit" (the winners) and "You Are Outrated." This article will likely appear in the Sunday NY Times as well.

Palin gambit Takes US Amateur Team East at USCF site
Gives the results and a java replay of the top board action from the final round, between Paul MacIntyre and GM Lawrence Kaufman.

USATE 2009 Photo Gallery by Jim West
A nice selection of photos, mostly of NJ area players and teams (one photo referenced above). He has also posted his games under USATE 2/16/09 and USATE 2/14/09.

Am Team East, Rd. 5 by Elizabeth Vicary
One of three posts that basically show WFM Vicary's interesting anti-Sicilian repertoire, including US Am Team Rd. 3: Rossolimo 2, A Players 0 and US am Team Rd 1 - I'm off to a vigorous start!

USATE - Days 2 & 3 by John Moldovan
The Chess Coroner offers post mortem analysis of his better games from the last two days. This is a follow-up to his USATE - Day 1 post.

Another Boston team wins at the AMATE by Robert Oresick of the BCC Weblog
A nice summary of the top board results from the event, along with photo gallery.

USATE - Back to Our Regular Programming by Polly Wright
The last of several blogs on the event, including "Breaking News: Palin Gambit Wins USATE 6-0," "USATE Rd 4 Photos," "USATE Rd. 3 - St. Valentine's Day Massacre Deferred," and "USATE Rds 1&2."

Hilton Blogs from the Amateur East by Jonathan Hilton
A report at the end of Day 2 at the USCF site.

Parsippany's Only Chess Club Band at YouTube
This plays very slowly on my computer, but it is nice to see video from the event. I saw some people shooting video of other parts of the festivities and am curious where that will appear.

For results at the concurrent team events in other parts of the country, see "My Girl Takes Amateur Team South" by Harvey Lerman, "ACA Beasts win US Amateur Team West" by Jerry Yee, "New year, same teams on top" by Jack Peters, "Standings - USATW" and "US Amateur Team North" at Getting to 2000 blog.



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