Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chess Cheat Moves to Sudoku

In "First in Chess, Now Sudoku; 'Eugene Varshavsky' Focus of Cheating Allegations" at the NPR website, Mark Memmott discusses how the same man at the center of "Cheating Accusations at the World Open" in Philadelphia recently won $3,000 at a Sudoku tournament in the same city (update: prizes are frozen pending review). There have been commercial Sudoku solving computers since 2007, and there are now inexpensive models on the market, including the Illuminated Mega Sudoku Puzzle Game (see picture) which retails for just over $30. You can probably even get one for your i-Phone. So such a scandal was inevitable. The shocking thing is that the same man was involved in both cases and probably will suffer no consequences. What's next for Varshavsky? Checkers?


Anonymous Mark Ginsburg said...

Bring back the public pillory!

Thu Oct 29, 02:13:00 PM EDT  

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