Friday, October 02, 2009

Magnus Carlsen Dominates Nanjing

If Garry Kasparov needed an advertisement for his talents as a chess coach, he could ask for none better than Magnus Carlsen's incredible performance at the Nanjing Super-GM tournament (official site). With a score of 4.5 out of 5 at the tournament's halfway mark, Carlsen is not only dominating some of the best chess players in the world, he is the only one with any wins. What's more, even in his one draw result (against Wang Yue), Carlsen had a winning position but let it slip in time pressure. This has to be one of the most impressive tournament performances in chess history, so it is well worth replaying Carlsen's games with notes.

Carlsen - Radjabov, Round 5
Jakovenko - Carlsen, Round 4
Wang Yue - Carlsen, Round 3
Carlsen - Topalov, Round 2
Carlsen - Leko, Round 1



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just incredible. Good article by you. I am a amateur, are there many books where I can learn this game?
Greetings from Berlin

Thu Oct 08, 08:24:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Michael Goeller said...

Your comment reminds me of when I played a friend of mine as a kid and got crushed. Afterward he asked me, "Haven't you read any books on chess?" I replied, "there are books on chess?"

There are tons of books on chess. Where to start is hard, but I'd recommend looking first at the free books you can find in your local library. You can also benefit a lot from online materials. Just playing over master games is a great start.

On the articles page of our website you will find KCC members discussing their favorite books. Mine are listed, and I like Scott Massey's list a lot. But go to and you'll find lots of books to choose from and lots of lists of good recommendations for players of your level. One really good book is Chernev's "Logical Chess, Move by Move." Good luck.

Fri Oct 09, 08:48:00 AM EDT  

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