Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kramnik on Victory over Nakamura at Corus

I just watched Vladimir Kramnik's brilliant (open, transparent, objective, super-clear, etc.) presentation on his victory over Hikaru Nakamura in the Leningrad Dutch at Corus.  You can view the game online at Chessgames.com, along with all of the games from the A-section of the tournament, where Kramnik has now moved into a tie for second with Magnus Carlsen (whom he plays today just beat moments ago) behind Alexey Shirov (whom he plays Friday).  The other tournaments are also very interesting, with the B led by Anish Giri and C led by American Ray Robson. 

Kramnik's lecture on his game with Nakamura is really worth watching in full.  Afterward he has some very nice things to say about Nakamura and the rest of the rising stars featured in the tournament and he predicts that Naka will be in the top ten and have a shot at the title by next year.  I will be posting a tournament summary and webliography at the conclusion of the event and may include the other sections as well.  I am predicting that Kramnik may just come from behind to win this thing.



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