Monday, February 15, 2010

Kenilworth 5-0 Heading into Round 6

Goeller - Hellenschmidt
Black to play and win (he missed it)

In Round 5 of the US Amateur Teams East, our Kenilworth team made it to Board One with a perfect record. I was able to win my game (see "Board One Blunder-Fest" for details) and I thought at the time it was rather well-played. The rest of the team drew, so we won the match and they will play for the championship in the final round (the only team at 5-0, with Bob Rose on Board Four this time). Though I'm still happy with the result, I'm none too happy with the game, which looks like a blunder-fest under the harsh glare of the computer. But that's what late round games can be like. 

I had to go teach a class (can you believe Rutgers has classes on Presidents Day?), so I wasn't able to find out what happened in the last round.  If anyone knows results, please post them in comments.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sorry to say that Kenilworth lost in the last round to the Cambridge Springers, who were the overall winners. I don't remember the score - it was late and I was tired. More info should be on the website soon.


Tue Feb 16, 12:45:00 AM EST  
Blogger Michael Goeller said...

Thanks Noreen! I think it was 1.5-2.5, with Stoyko and Massey losing. Oh well.

Tue Feb 16, 06:18:00 AM EST  
Blogger Michael Goeller said...

Wow -- just checked the prize winners at NJSCF and was shocked we didn't get anything with 5 points out of 6. We were the only team at 5-0 in the last round, playing for the championship on Board 1, we lost to a stronger team, and there isn't even a consolation prize...not even Best NJ? Major bummer. :-)

Tue Feb 16, 12:22:00 PM EST  

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